1.1 Accounting

It is complementary to the calculation of taxes to the State and Other Public Entities.

Based on accounting as a management tool of the organization, we chose to organize and plan the chart of accounts according to the specifics of each company and the sector of activity in which it is inserted.

In companies with more specific intentions and with several activities that require more detailed information, we have implemented an analytical accounting system that allows a permanent evaluation of the performance of each sector, as well as the correct allocation of expenses and revenues allocated to each center, in a manner to obtain an analysis not only of the organization as a whole, but also of each one of its sectors of activity.

In the scope of our accounting work, we perform the following tasks, in our facilities or in the company itself, in an outsourcing system:

  • Organization, classification and computer processing of all accounting documents;
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Analysis of current accounts
  • To carry out the processing and control of the investments made through the cadastre of tangible fixed assets
  • Clearance of results;
  • Clearance of legal and fiscal responsibilities; among others

1.2 Human Resources

Being a particularly sensitive area, as it involves the most valuable resources of any organization, hiring an external salary processing service allows the support of experienced professionals and for this reason we perform monthly salary processing and / or supervision.

This service includes:

  • Receipt of information about absences, vacations, casualties, allowances and others for computer processing of the respective maturity receipts
  • Creation, Maintenance and Updating of the Personnel Registry
  • Social Security Payrolls
  • Holiday Sheet for insurance policy update
  • Monthly Remuneration Statement (DMR)
  • Annual preparation of the Withholding Statements to employees and employees
  • Applications for Employment and Contracting Support Measures
  • Single Report;
  • Inquiries to the companies of the Banco de Portugal (Central de Balan├žoes) and INE

1.3 Tax Consulting

We are professionals qualified in addition to the accounting area, in the tax area with the purpose of proceeding to the exact and timely fulfillment of all company tax obligations, namely, Model 22, Model 3 IRS, IES, Model 39, withholding tax declarations. IRS and IRC, periodic declaration of VAT, among others in force.

However, since we understand that our service is not limited to compliance with tax declarations, we also provide the following services:
  • Prediction of taxes payable depending on the structure of expenses and existing revenues
  • Advice in a way to minimize the tax burden, through the use of existing tax benefits, the application of financial surpluses in investments in the company, among others
  • Definition of the tax framework most favorable to the company considering the estimated turnover and activity developed; Advice on expenses that burden the company through more tax charges;
  • Constitution and Maintenance of the Fiscal Dossier.

1.4 Foreign Companies

Consultancy and administrative, financial and fiscal support to foreign investment in Portugal through the provision of the following services:

  • Creation of companies with foreign capital;
  • Tax representation in Portugal;
  • Financial advisory;
  • Responsibility as Certified Accountants by the company accounting;
  • Periodic financial reports adapted to the specific characteristics of the parent and subsidiary;
  • Business plans to finance the planned investments.

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