dEC has existed since 1999 and is headquartered in Aveiro, providing a highly professional service for its accounting, tax, economic and management consulting, tax and financial advice, human resources management, labor law, auditing, contributions and taxes .

We are a young and dynamic team with consolidated experience and technical expertise. We bet on the quality and speed of our services, we have human resources accredited and qualified for the development of the various activities.

We provide assistance to our clients with ongoing monitoring of accounting and financial results, which are indispensable in the proper management of companies.

We have a flexible and innovative team in the provision of our services, using the most appropriate methodologies to satisfy the needs of our clients, even the most demanding and rigorous.

Every relationship with customers is based on the principle that an efficient and personalized service, meeting or exceeding their expectations, allows the preservation of lasting business relationships.

We provide our services in two ways:

In our office - in this possibility our services will be executed in our facilities, allocating our resources, equipment and systems. However we offer the possibility of picking up the documents at the client's premises.

In the Client - in this possibility there is the movement of the technicians of the DEC to the facilities of the clients for the provision of services of accounting, human resources or contracted management. This mode often uses client applications, maximizing levels of efficiency and proximity. There is also the possibility of using the dEC applications at the customer's premises.

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